Marquise Stone Cluster Hair Comb

Marquise Stone Cluster Hair Comb, this sophisticated hair comb features an elegant marquise and small round stones clustered together to create a timeless accessory. The marquise stones are derived from a special cut, sparkling and shining with their unique shape. Crafted from metal and shining stones, it adds a hint of glamorous sparkle to any look. Its lightweight and durable design ensures ease and comfort. This hair comb is perfect for weddings and bridal occasions. The beautifully crafted design hair comb adds a gorgeous glow to any special outfit. These are Perfect Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Prom Jewelry, and any special occasion.
  • Color : AB Gold, Amethyst, Emerald, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Jet Black
  • Theme : Wedding & Bridal
  • Size : 4.25" X 2.3"
  • Marquise Stone Cluster Hair Comb
AB Gold
Rose Gold
Jet Black